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Alexander Sergeevich Konovalov – an owner of ecofarm “Konovalovo”, he is a founder of the first in Russia professional union of producers and suppliers of “Ecocluster” organic products and eco-services.

Alexander started his career working in “AvtoVAS”, and rather quickly he’s been elected as a chairman of young experts of scientific and technological center. From 1995 till 1997 he was an executive director of LLC “Dovgan”; from 1997 till 2000 he chairmanned European representative offices of “Dovgan” company in Holland, Germany and Czech Republic.

In 2002 Alexander together with Vladimir Dovgan set up a company “Edelstar” and was its president till june 2010. Under the direction of Alexander “Edelstar” company became one of five biggest Russian companies of direct sales and even incorporated with “Faberlic” company in 2011.

When Alexander achieved success in business, he desided to build up his own ecofarm in 2009. An official beginning of the project was in autumn 2009. An investment in that project formed 1 million dollars, and the expected pay-off period is 5-6 years. Ecofarm is located in 120 km away from Moscow, far enough from industrial center, in one of the most ecologicaly clear place of Shakhovskoy region. Ecofarm “Konovalovo” has already made a good showing from the perspective of perfect quality. This is the reason of its popularity and growing number of constant costumers and guests. Ecofarm consists of a recreational compleх (busines class mini hotel, eco-banya and eco-cafe), cattle farm, bee garden, pure pond with aquaculture, and an earth for growing fruits and vegetables.

European standards of ecological safety are used here for observance of quality. All products are made without using antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO, pesticides, nitrates or other chemicals. Fertilization and feed are only natural, in other words those that gives Nature itself. Animals are held in perfect conditions that correspond necessary standards. In summer 2011 a Laboratory of research center, named after A.N.Bakulev that produces biological prosthesis, proved an ecological purity of biological materials from Konovalovo ecofarm. As a result, a long-term contract about gratuitous delivery of biological materials was set up.

Today under the brand name on the farm are produced dairy products, fermented milk product, meat products, eggs, birds, fish, vegetables, fruits, honey, jam, baking, quass, sunflower oil, eco-cosmetics. All the products from farm are delivered at customer’s homes by personal transport. “Konovalovo” ecofarm – is a successful project, which proves that eco-business can be profitable and effective.

In june 2011 Alexander Konovalov established the first in Russia professional union of producers, suppliers and consumers of “Ecocluster” organic products and eco-services.

Besides active farm work, Alexander is an author of three books and contributor of three inventions. He has a medal “for labor honors”. In april 2011 he was nominated for competition for title of laureate of international Socrates award in the area of agrobusiness. He is married, has two daughters and three grandchildren.

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