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Notification to buyers

Dear Friends!

.Most of you are aware that nowadays the counters of conventional stores and the catalogues of online portals, in the majority of cases, are filled with food products that do not just lack nutritive and healthy substances, but sometimes are even destructive to health. Most of Russian manufacturers (and the overwhelming majority of foreign ones) use GM-raw materials, all sorts of chemicals, preservatives, "nature-identical" flavouring additives. Although it was long ago proved by health professionals that such ingredients are practically not excreted from the body. Accumulated inside, they decrease the immunity and affect illnesses, increase the number of chromosome disorders and birth defects of our children, and in some cases even lead to fatality. According to the latest studies of domestic experts, more than 50% of food products in Russia are counterfeit or with an expired shelf-life, meaning they constitute a direct threat to consumers' health. In pursuit of profits, unfair manufacturers and sellers not merely offer low-quality products that often come short of standards and requirements, but also sell to you faked imitations dangerous to health without a twinge of conscience.

From advertisements to reality

Unfortunately, most of buyers believe to advertisements. As the result, they buy although harmful, but very well advertised products unaware that healthy eating is their long-term investment into their own future. Certainly, not all products that are advertises are low-quality, but, alas, positive examples are very rare now. Major suppliers and processors of food products, especially foreign ones, have to add different chemicals to their products to make their storage life as long as possible as required by greedy distribution networks which, having captured the market, ousted the domestic manufacturer and overstock their counters with foreign goods – expensive and destructive to health.

No wonder that the issue of ecologically clean nutrition has become top priority in our country now, no wonder that this particular time gave birth to the Ecocluster project which purpose is to produce, supply and sell in the Russian market high-quality goods and organic services with guaranteed and protected quality. In all developed countries real organic products are more expensive than conventional ones – for a number of reasons and all of them justify the advanced price.

  • Production and certification of such goods requires much more human labour
  • Because of the absence of preservatives such products have short storage life.
  • The plants are grown without the use of genetically modified seeds and synthetic fertilizers.
  • The greater part of weed and pest removal operations are performed manually without spraying of chemicals.
  • Animals and poultry are reared without antibiotics and growth hormones.

From fairness to health


On our web-site you can communicate openly and honestly dialogue with the suppliers of organic products and services recommended by Ecocluster. All our partners will be absolutely fairy for you. You will always have the possibility to find out who, how, when and according to what standards manufactured the products, what raw materials were used for this purpose, how ecological control was realized, which certificates were received, which eco-marking is available, who and why is the guarantor of ecological safety. You will have the access to reliable photo- and video information about the manufacturers and to the contact details of the persons responsible for the production, quality and sale of organic products.

Many our fellow-countrymen are united by conscious attitude to healthy lifestyle; these are the people for whom we have launched our project. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to eat what you like and what you consider useful. We are sure that harmony is not outside, but inside us not in beautiful names and packages, but in the feeling of a harmonic and energy-filled body which enables us to realize our dreams and plans. That life shall be full of achieved dreams and accomplished goal. Which I wish you with all my heart!

With Best Regards,

Alexander Konovalov, Founder of the Ecocluster Project

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