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Notification to manufacturers

Dear Friends!


You know that nowadays each Russian manufacturer manufactures its products under current Federal Standard or TU regulations. Unfortunately, these regulations allow the implication of different chemical additives of inorganic origin – preservatives, stabilizers, flavour enhancers and many other components impairing the ecological safety of the finished product.

standards of the Ecocluster project impose more rigid ecological requirements. The products of our partners shall in different respects be superior to current RF norms and meet our internal eco-standard. Based on the criteria developed for each group of goods we select the products which ecological safety level, given existing production technologies, is the highest. For example, for meat processing factories this is, first of all, high level of ecological quality and naturality of chilled domestic meat, use of only natural additives and flavouring blends, absence of offals, soy, other meat analogues and other harmful components. Natural package is desirable. We are conscious about the raw material quality control, absence of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones in meat. We impose more severe requirements to the facilities themselves, including livestock management and slaughter conditions, the feedstock being used and transportation conditions.

That is why we subject every product claiming to be ecologically safe to additional testing and, depending on the results of such testing, decide if it deserves to be marked with the words "Approved by Ecological Cluster".

Set the bar higher

.Unfortunately, nowadays only few manufacturers are able to produce such products. Some are not ready psychologically to more severe requirements, some are only considering this opportunity and thinking about their advantages. Nevertheless, we sign mutually beneficial agreements with many companies according to which they undertake to produce, under the Ecocluster trade mark, a separate line of organic products meeting our ecological standard. Afterwards we advertise and sale them through our additional sales outlets. It does not mean that we consider other products of this manufacturer low-quality. It only means that the products that have passed our control, our tests and received the holographic protection mark "Ecocluster" and eco-marking "Leaf of Life" surpasses current Russian standards.

So, if you are ready to produce and supply to our online shop high-quality organic goods or to provide organic services in accordance with our requirements, we are ready to offer you a mutually beneficial partnership in our project.

Ahead, to the future

Just imagine that you will become a part of a new, rapidly spinning up domestic project going one step ahead of foreign competitors and at the same time will do your own business enjoying new exciting opportunities in the Ecocluster project. We will offer you different business concept options and you will be able to choose your variant which will become the basis of our common success – on the condition of taking joint efforts.

We face the future with confidence for the following reasons:

  • advantages of our association are obvious as early as at the first stage of its formation;
  • pooling of resources always reach synergies;
  • even now we introduce a new generation of internet technologies – business-networks of virtual organic shops.

We are looking to cooperate with each and every manufacturer of organic goods and services! We are convinced that through cooperation with us your business will become more profitable and more efficient.

With Best regards,

Alexander Konovalov, Founder of the Ecocluster project

If you want to become our Partner you must first get registered and then fill in the Ecocluster membership application.

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