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.It is not a secret for you that today our country has turned into a "large food garbage". Savvy moneymakers from different countries bring to us huge quantities of their harmful transgenic products, which can be named in no other way than biological delayed-action munitions. Russian health professionals have long ago raised an alarm, because these unwholesome genetically modified products, first of all, decrease the immunity and affect illnesses among our fellow-countrymen, increase the number of chromosome disorders and birth defects of our children.

Three years ago, when my first granddaughter was born, my eyes suddenly opened and I clearly understood that for the sake of my family's health and well-being I have to make a dramatic change in my life and take my family, children and grandchildren as far away from Moscow as possible, to arrange an organic farm and to go into environmentally friendly farming and fully switch to healthy food of own production.

What I actually did. You should understand that with many years of professional experience in top positions in different business areas in my background, it was not easy for me to leave everything I had, to relocate to the countryside and start everything from scratch in a bare field becoming a simple organic farmer. To make this important step I first of all needed understanding and support of my family, friend and partners.

Once again I got convinced that if you have powerful motivation inside, if you sincerely believe in yourself and your capabilities, you will never loose. Over 10 months of hard work we have built, equipped and launched our business, which quickly became a success and where all members of my large and friendly family are happy to work now.

Since that time, as part of our small business, we set up production and processing of milk, meat and vegetable products, arranged deliveries of ready-made organic products to the end user, we host guests of our organic farm in our family eco-hotel and feed them in our cozy family eco-cafe. Owing to the correctly chosen business strategy, in only six months after the launch of our business we achieved self-repayment, and after this our business began to generate profit. But the key success factors in our new activity – organic farming – were our readiness to take a reasonable risk and complete absence of fear against possible failures.

.I have friends and acquaintances that became financially independent, traveled around the world, bought expensive houses, cars, yachts and even helicopters. But many of them have lost their life priorities and they do not know what to do next. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should ask yourself one simple question: "What are you ready to put all your efforts into to be carried away with enthusiasm, to make your life meaningful, filled with the sense of joy and happiness?" I am sure that if you are honest, first of all to yourself, when answering this question you will clearly understand what you shall seek in this life.

Having answered this question to myself and becoming an organic farmer I understood that it is not necessary to waste life doing although a high-profit, but not especially interesting business, thereby exchanging your precious time for money. Now it is much more important to me to perceive an inspiring feeling of full self-commitment, joy from the work I love and be really happy because my family and I are engaged in an interesting and honourable business.

I understood this in time and my present life gives me such freedom that I have never had before. I still remain true to my habits, interests and tastes, but my outlooks on life have changed a lot. Over these two years I have acquired an invaluable experience of working "on earth", performed a detailed research of the market of organic products and services from all aspects. I have a lot of new ideas and ready business-solutions. In particular, I have come up with a new global concept of the international project Ecocluster. I am sure that there are a lot of people in our country who, the same as myself, are interested in "eco-style living", which main life priorities are health, happiness and well-being of their families, who, the same as myself, are not indifferent to what their relatives, acquaintances and friends eat.

With best regards, Alexander Konovalov

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