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Notification to sellers

Dear Friends!


We are looking to cooperate with different retail and online shops to sell organic products and organic services which quality will be secured by Ecocluster. The audience of our portal is people of the middle class and above who care about the issues of good and healthy nutrition. Most of them are supporters Eco-style living. Their utmost priority is the health and well-being of their close ones that is why they buy our organic products deliberately. The things that are also essential for our buyers are brand awareness, large variety of products, availability of reliable information about the origin of the product, certificates of environmental safety and, certainly, the image of partner companies and the recommendations provided by Ecocluster.

Business of Those who Care

.The culture of organic products consuming is up to now underdeveloped in Russia that is why our objective is to unite partners in a new format. A buyer visiting our online shop, or our salesroom, or looking through the pages of our portal shall have a feeling that here he is about to receive integrated and high-quality services, that people working here consider the sale of organic goods their lifework. That is why we want the sellers of our products (services) to share the philosophy of our business. We want them to care about what and how they sell. Owing to the well-thought-out system of exchanging information and experience, our partner sellers will have the access to the details of manufacturers, their standards, production methods and applied technologies. And, what is the most important, through our portal they will be able to know most of the manufacturers and buyers much better through getting in touch with them directly.

Convenience and Profit

If past experience is anything to go by, shops joining to our project will be able to trade with a substantial share of profit, as the greater part of our goods we receive directly from manufacturers at good wholesale prices. Our ideology is to create a healthy competition between organic stores both throughout the country and in the cyberspace.


Those who are interested can receive online consultations concerning the purchase of goods directly from us and from the manufacturers. This is not only attractive for the visitors but contributes to building the atmosphere of mutual trust between the buyers, the manufacturers and sellers.


A user visiting our portal in search for organic products or organic services can expect to receive competitive and exclusive offers. Besides, any our client will enjoy courtesy and open discussion on the details of the future purchase. If by any chance one of the links of the sales chain of our or your online shop (product range, prices, delivery, managers' professionalism) will fail, we will know it and let you know immediately.

.A special approach to logistics is, probably, the main difference of our portal from other ones. Any distribution network has either a distribution hub or delivers goods from the manufacturer to each individual shop. As for us, at first we collect the requests of all buyers on our portal and after that we transfer the request to the seller and then the seller delivers products to the buyers or we deliver by our own forces.

Mutual Benefit

One of the key tasks of cooperation is the expansion of the customer base – this will make our portal more popular, attractive and profitable. That is why alongside with traditional technologies we also implement the classic model of direct sales. Our portal will make it possible to the buyers not only to buy goods with discounts – they will also be able to receive additional income recommending our products to their friends and acquaintances.


.The project Ecocluster, which has no counterparts in Russia, is focused on future-oriented and successful mutually beneficial activity. Our idea is simple and understandable – to expand our joint business and to increase sales providing to our partners an opportunity to succeed and receive profits based on an approved business technology.

With Best regards,

Alexander Konovalov,
Founder of the Ecocluster project

If you want to become our Partner you must first get registered and then fill in the Ecocluster membership application.

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